METERology - The Science of Meter Reading

METERology is all about energy.
It is like an X-Ray of your energy health, showing you how and where your energy is being used.

METERology Daily Energy Profile Page


METERology reads the energy data from a wide range of proprietary energy and utility meters. This covers electricity, gas, heat, steam and water. It reads this data every half hour and then stores the data in a very efficient Microsoft SQL Server database. The efficiency of the database means that vast quantities of data can be stored indefinitely and retrieved instantly, as required.

Our applications use industry standard protocols to communicate over regular IT networks, providing the greatest flexibility, while at the same time ensuring a technically robust deployment.

As well as reading meters directly METERology can import "day plus one" data from your utility company by way of automatic FTP file import. This means that all your energy data can be centralised into the one, easy to use, repository.

Thumbnail of energy monitoring daily profile display

Profile PagesProfiles of energy consumption.

Profile pages are provided to allow you to see, at a glance, how much energy is being used in a particular area and more importantly when that energy is being used.

The following extract from our online user guide provides a walkthrough of how these profile pages work.